A rich and fascinating history surrounds Cornell and its unique character should be celebrated, protected and preserved. 

There is a genuine rennaisance afoot in Cornell. ​ In the last few years, the Cornell School has been lovingly restored by new owners (thank you Eric and Mary);  Morgan Runyon has brought new life to The Old Place with standing room only crowds: Tim & Denise Skogstrom opened the Cornell Winery and Jacques Marques has brought a distinctive European flair to these mountains with his Charm D'Antan. 

And anniversaries!  Mike Zal is celebrating ten years at the Canyon Grocery & Grill and the Savko family just passed 50 years at the Rock Store.

Covering it all is the local history book "Three Magical Miles"  that celebrates the past and present of our unique bend in the road with over 300 mostly historic photos. 

With its remarkable heritage, landscape, and singular spirit, we believe it is time Cornell is recognized as a unique and separate community with its rich history and unique qualities that set it apart from surrounding incorporated areas. We're not seeking a local government, just greater recognition, a more cohesive community and the pride that comes from saying "I live in Cornell".
Community Projects

1.  Supplemental road signs marking historic Cornell Road that courses south from the freeway, past Paramount Ranch, winds along Malibou Lake and incorporates today's Mulholland Hwy through downtown Cornell.
2.  "Entering Cornell" signs on Mulholland Hwy, Kanan Road and Cornell Road.

3.  "Welcome to Historic Downtown Cornell" monument signs at the east and west entries on Mulholland Hwy.

Also being discussed are the recreation of the historic Lake Enchanto archway at today's Peter Strauss Ranch, summer movies and special events on the Strauss Ranch lawn and more.
The mission of the Cornell Recognition Campaign is: To preserve and promote the special nature of Cornell, California - a historic and prestigious mountain community amongst 5,000 acres of parkland.